Zoloft Can Treat Childhood Anxiety Disorders

Zoloft is effective for treating anxiety disorders in children. Typically, medications like Zoloft and cognitive behavioral therapy are used for children that have anxiety disorders. Studies show that a combination of the two works best for treating children with anxiety disorders.

Study Involving Children With Anxiety Disorders

One study involved 488 children that were 7 to 17 years old. They all suffered from generalized anxiety disorder, social phobia or seperation anxiety disorder. The children saw an improvement with cognitive behavioral therapy and Zoloft together, and seperately. The study shows that both treatments are effective for treating anxiety disorders on a short term basis. The children saw an improvement with cognitive behavioral therapy after two to three months. In addition, Zoloft reduced their symptoms immediately.

After taking Zoloft for two months, their negative symptoms did not return. However, they did not experience an additional improvement after two months. If your child is experiencing an anxiety disorder, you should seek treatment. If your child does not get treated, the symptoms can get worse. Also, the symptoms can continue and persist as they become older if the condition is not treated. Antidepressants are linked with suicidal thoughts, so you should always check to see how your child is doing after taking the medication. However, in this particular study, the children did not have any suicidal thoughts. Suicidal tendencies, when taking antidepressants, tend to be more common with children or adults that are suffering from depression. Additionally, some of the children in this study did report insomnia, restlessness, sedation, and fatigue.

Other Conditions That Zoloft Can Treat

Generally, Zoloft is well tolerated and effective for treating anxiety conditions, depression, panic disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, premenstrual dysphoric disorder. Furthermore, Zoloft is approved for children that have obsessive compulsive disorder and adolescents between the ages of 6-17 years old. Zoloft has safely treated millions of people with these conditions. On average, about 20 percent of teens and children experience anxiety conditions.


Furthermore, Zoloft is available in many different strengths. However, low and moderate doses usually work well for treating any kind of anxiety condition. Many doctors start children at 25 mg, and they increase the dose weekly if it is necessary.

Cognitive Therapy As an Alternative To Medication

If you are worried about putting your child on medication, you might want to consider cognitive therapy treatment instead of medication, because your child may be able to reduce or eliminate his/her symptoms altogether. They may be able to function better, and they may have an easier time recovering from the condition. Consult with a doctor and he will guide you in the right direction.


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