Escitalopram Usage

Depression and anxiety disorder problems are treated with Escitalopram. It helps the brain to restore certain natural chemicals to balance it. Escitalopram is recommended for oral use. You may take it with food or without food. Follow your doctor’s prescription. Normal dose is 1 Escitalopram tablet per day. Your doctor may prescribe you more than one dose a day. Do not increase your dose by yourself. Follow your doctors’ prescription only. Take the medicine in time. Do not double dose. Maintain a schedule to take the medicine. If you miss any dose then take it as soon as you remember. If it is almost the time for next dose then do not take it. Double dose can be very harmful. Generally, dosages are given based on patients’ condition and response to therapy. Sudden stop of the medicine can be also harmful. Careful about taking SSRI drugs while taking Escitalopram. It can be very harmful if both the drugs are taken at the same time. Better start taking Escitalopram after 2 weeks of completing SSRI dosage. Take regular medical check up. Consult with your doctor regularly. Take Escitalopram in the way it was prescribed for you.

Take Escitalopram with a full glass of water. Higher dosages have the higher rate of creating side effects. So do not take high dosage without talking to your doctor. For the solution or liquid dose the correct dose can be measured with the given medicine cup. Follow the prescription. You can find an extra medicine leaflet with Escitalopram. Read it before use. Regular table spoon should not be used to take liquid Escitalopram. It may take approximately 4 weeks to feel better after using Escitalopram. Do not get annoyed. Do not stop the medicine all in a sudden. Wait for the result. If you do not have any improvement after 4 weeks then tell your doctor to change the dose.


Overdose can be very harmful. Do not forget to take the medicine in time. Do not think that overdose will help you. Overdose can bring some serious side effects which can be very dangerous. Skip the missed dose if it is almost the time for the next dose. It can be life threatening.

Overdose symptoms are:
– dizziness
– seizures
– coma
– tremor
– sweating
– nausea
– vomiting
– rapid heartbeat
– confusion

Emergency medical help should be called it you observe any symptoms of over dosing. If you want to know more about the medicine check the medicine label found with the medicine. It will help you to know more about Escitalopram. You can buy Escitalopram from our website with reasonable price.


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