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As with every other drug, there is a series of tests run by the US FDA to name it in a category of drugs having specific side effects on pregnancy. Either you buy Adderall online or offline, it is not a safe idea to use ir during pregnancy.

According to the US FDA, it has been linked with the increasing rate of birth defects in animal studies due to which it was named a Category C drug.

A category C is given to a drug that is not safe to be used during pregnancy. The results of this drug were predicted form the use of itself during in pregnant rats. It is not a safe drug to be used during pregnancy and in breastfeeding.

For those people who are pregnant, Adderall is not considered a safe drug to be used because of its side effects to the fetus such as birth defects.

The US FDA uses a classification system to classify each drug upon its effects on pregnancy. According to the FDA research it had been concluded that this drug would be given a pregnancy category C class because of its serious side effects in animal fetuses.

Along with birth defects, there had been some cases of even miscarriages as well. Keep one thing in mind that the tests run on rats and other animals are used to take a general idea of the drug’s effectiveness and efficiency upon the pregnant animals.

It is never exactly the same as of human beings, because human beings respond differently to each drug. As a result weighing the benefits and risks associated with the use of Adderall during pregnancy, this drug can be prescribed.

If you intend to become pregnant or are pregnant then neither buy Adderall online, nor purchase it form any local good store. This is because Adderall is not safe to be used with the pregnant people and hence should be avoided. On the other hand there are doctors who even prescribe this drug weighing the benefits are far reaching than the side effects. Adderall Online.

There have had been increases in cases involved in the online drug trading. Cheap pharmacies usually attract customers by flashing their “get it free” messages every now and then. Thinking that it really works, the costumers buy Adderall online and not just this drug any other drug that I being sold especially without any prescription. Keep in mind dear readers that it is neither safe nor legal to sell and buy Adderall online.

If however you do buy Adderall online, do not consume it and rather throw it away. If for any reason you doubt the online seller, always report it to the US FDA to take further legal strict action against it.


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